Sunday, October 25, 2009

Counsel on Council

Today's guest blog is courtesy of Jane

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several of us from nerf, nyc, mid-atlantic and katuah have been working on getting a good site for the annual t-council. we have two major concerns in the decision-making process:

1. because the vision council included many states and differing geographical locations, a site for council needs to be in a place that is somewhat geographically central to as many folks as possible. this would make site selection best in west virginia or virginia. this will probably cut out the kind offers which we received from maine, new york, north carolina, tennessee and florida.

2. weather concerns. the last two times we had an eastern t council, they were held both outside, once in pa and the other in virgina. the pa site was cold, but it was sunny during the day. only reason we survived is we had three large army tents and several wood stoves. still...... it was way warmer when we counciled at the virginia site. however it had been a warm fall and those of us involved in the decision-making process were relatively confident that the weather would continue to be warm. it was. but still the nights were chilly. however, this fall has been unseasonably cold up and down the eastern coast and central plains. those of us in conversation have no reason to think that the weather will turn warmer. that old stand-by* the old farmer's almanac *agrees that thanksgiving day will be cold and that there might even be some snow flurries. so we are now looking for a site which will give us an indoor option. we are still looking for a site in the mid-atlantic area which has a building which we can heat with a wood stove or kerosene heaters. we need to have a site that can accommodate around 100 people both for counciling and sleeping. a summer camp might be ideal.

we also realize that we might need to create some green energy to manifest such a place any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. most people I know are saying the 2010 Gathering
    will be in Tennesee. I have no idea where they are getting this info, considering there have not been any word from any of the scouts to confirm that location.

  2. No consensus on gathering sites other than the 7 states determined by vision council: NH, VT, PA, WV, TN, NC, KY