Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inviting Buddhist Monk Ajahn Insom to Rainbow Gathering

Some gathering friends of mine are hoping Monk Ajahn Insom will come to the Rainbow Gathering over the 4th of July, 2010. They are asking people to write letters inviting him in the hopes he will attend. If you want to help out on this effort, here's the information I have:

Arrangements are being made for a tour of the United States by one of Thailand's most revered Buddhist monks. If you or your group are interested in having this monk visit and speak to your community, we need you to write a letter inviting him to come. These letters are needed now to satisfy a requirement in Thai Buddhist High Council that 30 such letters must be submitted as part of the application processes for approval of the trip.

The monk's name, as given by the King is, PHRAKHRUWISUTPRAPHAKON or Monk Ajahn Insome. He holds the highest promotion available from the King of Thailand. He is one of the few monks who get paid by the Thai Government to teach this spiritual practice. The monk will only have two months to share his teachings with us in the USA and would like to reach as many people as he can. The monk has some ability to speak English and will be accompanied throughout the trip by the undersigned, a native English speaker and associate of Monk Insome.

Please address your letters of invitation to:

Abbot of Wat Huadong,
Wat Huadong
1 Moo 7
Tumbon, Kuamung.
Ampher, Saraphi.
Chiang Mai, Thailand. 50140

Monk Insom's teaching include Dharma, Mindfulness Meditation and the Noble Eightfold Path as taught in the Pali Cannon. The root of this practice of Buddism is the Theravada, the traditional teaching of the elders. Monk Ajahn Insom is also skilled naturopathic practitioner and healer.

If you are interested, please get your letters of invitation out as soon as possible. They are needed quickly in order to get the needed approvals to proceed. Letters may be scanned and emailed to the email address below but must contain your signature. Otherwise, please use International Priority mail to the address above.

Papa Monk Phra Thammarato

Any questions can be directed to me by email:
or Skype me: timoo77
For more info click here. (warning it's in Thai)