Friday, April 9, 2010

Begging for Dollars Round One

My name is Karin Zirk and I approved this message.

While the gathering is a 100% free and non-commerical event and all food, medical care, and love is completely free of charge to every person who shows up, it does cost money to provide a complete community free of taxes, surcharges or fees of any kind. Approximately ten percent of the cost of the care of feeding of people at the gathering is covered by the Magic Hat from donations collected on the land. The remaining costs are covered by the amazing people who focalize various endeavours at the gathering or people who kick in money or supplies before the gathering even starts. Disclaimer: If you donate money ahead of time, please double and triple check who and how you are donating to make sure the money you spend goes where you want it to go.

To that end, for the next month or two I am going to periodically post a specific need at the gathering that can use your green energy in one of two ways. I will provide methadology on how you can donate money to an area of the gathering that serves the gathering as whole and that I know is going to the intended cause. If I don't personally know who is behind the computer so to speak or cannot verfiy from one of my trusted sources, you won't find it here. I will also provide information on the supplies the money will fund so you can purchase the items yourself and bring them to the gathering. Keep in mind that even a $5 donation, when multiplied by a large number of people goes a long way.

So let's talk first aid, health care and healing or CALM as we say at the gathering.

It's much easier to buy supplies ahead of the gathering and if you're at the gathering, you'll be much happier if CALM has that tampon or bee sting kit or other various and sundry supplies. Gathering healers save people's lives when they have heart attacks, help them survive all sorts of allergic reactions and even patch up bo bos for children and grownups alike.

If you can spare $5 or $100, you can donate here.

On my word, any funds donated here will go to purchasing CALM supplies. If you want details on what will be purchased and who is focalizing this efffort, click here. If you would prefer to bring supplies, there are some great wish list items on the website. Click the link labeled "supplies" on the left hand side. Then get shopping. Please don't use the donation link on the website as the account has been closed. Use the link above to donate.

Just a tip, if you won't be onsite until June 30 or July 1, it would be more helpful to send supplies on earlier with a friend or to make a monetary donation. CALM has customers starting from the first day on site (usually by mid-June), so the sooner supplies arrive the better.

If you are a healer, we could use your energy. To subscribe to the CALM email list, visit the website above and select CALM Email from the left menu or just email CALM.

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  1. While your at it the water donations will be the same as last year. Info here

    The short link is also the same.

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