Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rites of passage (Guest Post)

Today's Guest Post courtesy of my beautiful sister Turtle. Enjoy!

Viva La Familia!

For those of you who are not aware of it, at last year's N.M. gathering there was a call from the Family (both old and new) for a creation of something that our young tribe has been sorely lacking and desperate for!

Rites of passage.

Lets face it, everyone is getting older, times are changing and I personally have heard alot of disenchanted youth in the Family calling for a more substantial tribal way of life. They (the youngers) don't know exactly what it is they are needing, they just know something crucial is missing at our gatherings, something cohesive and tangible that will exercise them, MOVE THEM! Ignite their souls!

Meanwhile, the olders are having councils focused on how they (as older people) can help bridge the widening rift between the seasoned gatherers and the youngsters. With substance abuse seeming to be more prevalent during gatherings, the cry has been called by the oldsters to look at our tribe and find solutions (and quickly) that will show the youngers that we appreciate them and need them, healthy and whole, in our tribe! .

The answer: Rites of passage pertaining to every crucial aspect of Gathering in happy, healthy ways. From scouting to cleanup. From legal liaison to ALL WAYS FREE and guide making. All of you out there who have worked and sweated to glean knowledge from every person and way so that we may live free, happy and high, NOW IS YOUR TIME TO PASS THE SACRED INFORMATION ON!
People who know the ways of;
  • Kitchen focalizing
  • Parking and road crew
  • Front gate
  • Welcome Home stations
  • Recycling
  • Clean up
  • Info. booth
  • Magic hat/Banking
  • CALM/MASH medicine
  • Santi Sena
  • Council focalizing
  • Main supply
  • Water
  • Scouting
  • Fire patrol
  • Shitter digging
  • Oven baking
  • Drum circles
  • Leagal laisons
  • Public Laisons
  • Dinner circle focalizing
  • Bus village focalizing
  • Trade circle focalizing
  • Kid village focalizing
  • Town Criers
(what else)? the list goes on....

Those of you who know these ways, well, then you are the ones I'm talking to!

Pass it on folks!

Please take the time before the next Annual Gathering to brainstorm what vital information would make up a "class agenda" pertaining to whatever particular aspect of gathering that you are saavy on. Go so far as to write an outline on what you would try and touch on throughout a series of days if you were to have an "apprentice".

Then give serious thought to a particular "rite of passage" that could be given to an apprentice when the time was right. What exercise of the spirit would be most benificial to a newby under your tutelage? If the newby passes thet challenge, what can be bestowed on them that might bring honor and pride? An apron in the kitchen? A pair of gloves for shitter digging? A special hat? What?? I don't know..but you will!

Then prepare yourselves mentally and physically to reach out at next years gathering and find that special someone. At least one person, maybe more! But know that however many, you will be interacting with them consistantly! Patience and understanding!

If someone does not have the ability to "get around" so good, ask some of us middle folk (not youngers, but deffinately not olders) to help you find someone to be your apprentice. It will be someones distinct pleasure, I am sure.

Lastly, please take this endeavor VERY SERIOUSLY! This ain't no joke folks! By approaching this new stage of gathering with dedication and compassion, not only will you ensure the continuation of our gatherings and our tribe but, most importantly, you can change a young person's life, forever. We all have our personal stories of how and when the Great Spirit called us to the Family and we all know how much it changed our lives. Now, we must live for the youngers, the future of us all!

We must live for our 7th generation within the Family.

We must strive to survive!

Viva La Familia de ArcoIris!



  1. Dear MamaTurtle, Greetings, my one and only sigestion to all of my relation,,,is to bring back the heart beat,,,it will never work with out that. People are lacking a spiritual connection to the Father and Mother of heaven,,,this family has lost many young spirits wanting zion to come. Well Lots of Love and Light To all,,,MaryJane

  2. The idea is how tradition is passed from each generation. Orall, through song and dance and keeping our community strong. Matienence is a necessary tool in keeping our community together.....functioning together....and rewarding someone will give the younger member such a blissful feeling he/she will never forget neither the person or the experience - True Communal LOve!!!!

  3. It's been my tradition to dig a shitter at Gatherings I can attend. This year I will make a point to recruit green crew to help....

    Besides as I get older I don't dig as well ( I can still dig, mind you) as I can teach others to do it well...

    So it goes ;-)

    Great post Mama

  4. Bravo bravo bravo!!!

    Only way to teach is by example.
    It takes a generation to learn a lifetime's learning. Respect, respect, respect. It comes around when it goes around ;-)

    Love to all!!