Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cell Service on the Site & What To Do in an Emergency

Cell Phones

Many folks have been asking about whether there is cell phone service from the site.

Without speaking to the finer points of whether we should USE cell phones at the site, let me just report that folks whose phones use the CDMA network (including Verizon, US Cellular, etc) are finding that they get good reception up on the road, and sporadic service down in the site.

People on the GSM network (ATT, Sprint, TMobile, etc) have spotty reception on the road, some texting capabilities, and not much at all down in the site.

Anyone on one of the Tier 3 networks are going to find no service past the last good size city.


What To Do In An Emergency

The CALM/Shanti Sena folks are a little concerned about the ability of any person on site being able to call 911 and have an ambulance or even a life-flight helicopter come out on an emergency call, without doctors who are already on site being able to arrive on scene first to determine if such measures are necessary.

Remember that calling 911 is only to be used in an immediately life threatening emergency. If you find yourself in a medical emergency, (or threatened in any way), please call out loudly for help from Shanti Sena, and someone with a radio will be at your side quickly to bring assistance. They will asses and determine the best course of action, if evacuation is necessary and if so, which method to use.

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