Saturday, June 12, 2010

Directions to the Annual Gathering of the Tribes

Consensus has been reached.
From Sheffield Pennsylvania (south of Warren, Pennsylvania) go south on Highway 948 for 2 miles
Turn right onto Road 666. (There is a height restriction of 7'6" on Road 666 south of the turn off to Road 116.)
Continue to Road 116 and turn right
Go to Road 119 and turn left.
Drive 5 miles to parking.

Kitchens, please see the information on the Gathering Updates blog.

Welcome home.

I don't have real orderly information just yet, but if you go to the Gathering Updates blog, you'll see misc information. There are a few people out Monday and Tuesday trying to verify alternative directions more oriented to coming from Interstate 80 and/or the West end of the forest instead of the northeast. As soon as I receive confirmation, I will post the alternatives. Until then, keep in mind that just because roads exist on a paper map or mapquest, doesn't mean it's a good way to go.

Just an FYI, this is the site of the 1986 Pennsylvania gathering. We're on rerun mode.

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