Sunday, June 20, 2010

Informational Videos about the Rainbow Gathering

This post is geared more toward the people who live in and around this year’s Gathering site.

Many folks who live in small communities and hear that the Rainbow Gathering is coming to a forest near their town, get very concerned and hear a lot of conflicting information about what to expect. This wonderful pair of videos were created to inform townsfolk and merchants about what to expect. They are entitled,

The Effects of Rainbow Gatherings on Local Residents. Part 1 and 2.

This first video is a short 4 minute introduction to what the Gathering basically is, and looks like:

This second video is 9 minutes and includes interviews with merchants and business owners who lived in communities near where the summer Rainbow gatherings have occurred in the past. The merchants are asked to describe the experience once it ended and to give advice to the people who live in towns where future Gatherings will take place.

The individuals who are in this video represent only themselves and should not be considered leaders or spokespersons for Rainbow Gatherings.


  1. Hi Karen! Thanks for commenting at Could I possibly re-post the above blog entry so people around here get the right info? Thanks! Chris Lareau

  2. Yes please do. The more people who have the opportunity to view these the better.