Friday, June 25, 2010

Shitting in the Woods

If you're not clear on the concept, don't just shit randomly in the woods. There are shitters in the vicinity of all the major camps/kitchens. Mostly we have slit trenches. Make sure to cover your shit after using the shitter - break the shit - fly - food connection. Shitters should have a can of ashes or lime at them. If they don't, it's your job to fix it. Go to the nearest kitchen and see what they have available.

Don't pee in the shitter unless you're pooping as well. Pee in the bushes, under a tree where people aren't likely to walk or sit. DO NOT DROP TOILET PAPER ON THE GROUND. Sisters - bring some wash clothes. They make great reusable wipes for peeing. Rinse it out at the end of the day and when it's dry you can use it again. Our cleanup crew hates having to pick up little pieces of toilet paper left under bushes. We are all the cleanup crew and it's easier to not litter in the first palce.

All dog shit needs to get into the shitter and get covered up. If you brought a dog, you are responsible for your dog and make suring other dog parents are being responsible for their dogs.

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after using a shitter. COVER YOUR SHIT. Your ability to successfully shit in the woods is necessary to keep us all safe and healthy.

Just an fyi, the shitter shown in this photo is an example of a very high tech shitter for the gathering. Be prepared to straddle and squat. Toilet paper is not always provided at a shitter. Many people bring their own.

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  1. reckless defecation is one of the few Rainbow "crimes" (LOL)