Sunday, June 13, 2010

Signs Needing a Ride from Kansas to Home

This is a message from some friends. If you can help out, please email.

Last year it was decided in Womyn's Council to do something to educate 'newbee' Rainbower's about some of the more important information and survival pass this on to the next generation and combat what has been perceived as increasing hostility and disregard for some of the more valued Rainbow traditions.

Mama XXX agreed to spearhead this effort and she and I devised an idea for a series of informative signs to be posted at Main Trailhead and the other major arteries going in and out of Main Circle. (think the old 'Burma-Shave' ads mixed w/ the Rainbow Rap and you get the idea...)

These signs are of CorePlastic and have metal stakes. They will be used year after year if properly maintained. She paid for them and I have done the artwork/lettering. They are boxed and ready to get to this year's Gathering.

I am BEGGING for your help in getting these signs to the Gathering. If YOU or ANY of your council/circle of contacts can get through Kansas I will bust my hump to get them to a responsible party for transport and posting. I'll even drive them to Salina/Kansas City/Lawrence (I-70) or Oklahoma City (I-40) if that what it takes.

Now, if you want to help with this, we need to have a responsible party deliver and set these up at the main trail heads as well as gather them up for retrieval at the conclusion. I realize this is a big job, but it'll go fast and even get you a lot of hugz...not to mention those ever popular Karma Points!

As a longtime Brother, I swear this is the only time I'll beg for your direct help. The signs are 18" X 24" - about 50 of 'em. Stakes are also in a box, around 24" X 36".

So, PLEASE use your connections and help me get this done. Heck, I even think you'll agree with most of them!


  1. Word is that the signs found a ride home.

  2. word is that the signs found a ride home.